Experiments with dad!

It seems I am in company of smart alec kids!

Suditi (the 9 year old) has had a history of shutting me up with her smart quips, and now little Simoni (4 year) seems to have got a similar wittiness.  Before jumping to Simoni’s newly developed talents, a recollection of what Suditi had served me over few years.

  • When Suditi was about 5 year old, I had lovingly told her ” You are my 5 star daughter “, pat came the reply ” No papa I am Cadbury “
  • At about 7 year age, I used a typical Indian line to show who is the boss around                                                  ” तुम जिस स्कूल में पढ़ते हो हम वहाँ के प्रिंसिपल रह चुके है”                                                                                            (The school that you study, I was principal there).                                                                                   Before I could finish Suditi stops me midway and says                                                                                                     ” हम जिस स्कूल में पढ़ते है वहाँ के फीस तुम भरते हो”                                                                                           (The school that I study, the fees of the school is paid by you)
  • Sometimes during 2020  lockdown, I asked her “Suditi we are all bored staying at home let’s go out for a drive”. Suditi replied ” Police will catch you, I will be able to do 20 squats (usual punishment during the lockdown period for who ventured out and got caught ), mom will be humiliated and you will be beaten black and blue by the police “

So, you can get a gist of wittiness which Suditi practices on me and I am now taken aback at Simoni’s turn to have her firsts of many “enjoy at dad’s expense” moment.

So, I playfully asked Simoni to get out of the house. Little devil responds that ” This is my house and your house is your office, go there! “

Weekends when I am home, I regularly get to hear ” Go do your office work” Whenever she notices me as a couch potato!

Learning from her elder sister or part of our family DNA, I am loving it!

4 thoughts on “Experiments with dad!

  1. 😃😃. This is such a sweet and adorable post. Definitely would love to meet your daughters. I guess children these days are too sharp.


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