Gang Wars!

The silence was deafening.

She was treading carefully with a loaded weapon in her hand. Looking for enemies who had stolen the artefacts which were rightfully hers.

The antagonists are hiding behind a huge rock, they had what they wanted and looking for opportunity to strike the protagonist.

Help comes from unexpected corner, the savior was the boss of the place. Both quickly move now without fear. They appear behind the rock, the antagonists freeze. The antagonists decide it is better to run, but are pounced upon.

No way out, surrender is the only way. The protagonist and the boss rejoice, all then settle for some refreshments together!

The meaning of the bold font words are:

Protagonist : Younger Daughter

Antagonist : Elder Daughter & Me

Boss : Mom

Artefact : Toy

Weapon : Plastic 🏏Cricket bat

Rock : Sofa

The story is based on true events!

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