The Cycle of “What people don’t understand?”

What’s something most people don’t understand?

This is an interesting prompt. Haven’t posted this whole week and neither could catch up on the blogs I follow. The only reason was a mini beach vacation during the school break of the kids 😀

Got this interesting prompt, and trying a different take..

What people don’t understand can be answered in multiple ways. My observation though is that what one understands about ” people don’t understand” changes with age.

As a child you are anyway not bothered what people understand or what you understand!

As a teenager you think that people don’t understand you and that resentment stays with you till you become a full fledged adult.

As a new adult you think people don’t understand simple things and make them difficult. Like why would someone buy a house when living on rent is so comfortable. Once they become those middle aged adults they realize that shifting homes is an ardous task.

As a middle aged adult you feel that why do the people who owe money a.k.a banks don’t understand your mental tensions.

As a retiree you think that people don’t understand how to lead a good life when you see them splurging, whiling time away.

As an old man you again start thinking that the world no longer understands you, the cycle is almost complete as it started.

On your deathbed who cares what people understand or not………..

4 thoughts on “The Cycle of “What people don’t understand?”

  1. Of course, it’s your point of view but old people are generally in a space where they are less concerned with what people around them understand/ don’t understand because they themselves, are more secure in their own understanding of themselves. So it stops mattering what the world thinks of them.
    Interesting reply to the prompt!

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