The Little Graduate!!

The outcome of the Parent Teacher Meeting of Simoni.

Simoni has now graduated successfully from Kindergarten (The shenanigans of modern education πŸ˜€)

She got the adjective of Ms. Charming and will now move to standard one. Her school is a 5 storey building with Kindergarten on the ground floor and senior classes starting from the 1st floor. She will from now onwards climb up the stairs which are adjacent to her Kindergarten classroom and take her first step towards real life struggles πŸ˜€.

As we say goodbye to her Kindergarten , hoping she makes her outgoing teachers proud for all the love and effort they have made to bring her to this junction.

The new set of books are already ready, and boy they are a handful. The best part though was her elder sister having joy at Simoni’s expense “welcome to the real school darling”.

Loving it ❀️!!


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