The Parent Teacher Meet!

Tomorrow I am going to attend little Simoni’s year ending parent teacher meeting (PTM). Being a dad of two and a cumulative fatherhood experience of 16 years, I am quite pro in handling these meets πŸ˜€.

The point of the post is recollection of my last PTM meet as a student which gave a very cherished gift to me!

PTM’s were not very common in my school. While they used be done during say board years when students passed out of school, they were not a regular feature every year. So, very little experience and lots of anxiety while riding pillion on a rickety bajaj (the legendary Indian brand) scooter with my dad.

Waiting for our turn was peppered with some intermittent chats with dad. He had closed his shop early to attend and I am sure was equally anxious.

Our turn came and surprisingly was a success. Dad was seemingly controlling his emotion and keeping a poker face on. I was relieved and had a smile plastered on my face.

The ride back home was silent, and I wanted to reach home early- thank god everything went well! On the way dad stopped his scooter near a market. He put the scooter on a stand and asked me to wait. He went to shop and returned with a Dairy milk chocolate, quite costly affair to have in those times.

He smiled and gave me the chocolate. The scooter started back towards home with me sitting pillion with “best gift received ever” in my hand.

PTM of Simoni coming as next post….


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