How do you stoke passion in your child or do you try at all?

Children can become passionate about so many hobbies or extra curricular activities. Like, my elder daughter is fond of dancing. She is also doing pretty decent for her age. The trick is to find out which activity will trigger their passion.

As parents, we tend to see the world thru our lenses. While the lenses have widened, looking from top you can categorize the hobbies into either fine arts, sports or education related like quiz / reading or even coding. Some children might not be into any of them and that is absolutely fine.

Coming, back to finding the right piece of the childhood puzzle when we talk about hobbies is a real challenge. You might notice something early on and think yes this is what my child should enroll to learn. Or worse, you might have preconceived notions about a particular thing which might be popular at that point of time and push your child into it.

Push can sometimes yield a superstar in future but incase the child is not enjoying it, then?. For us, we saw from an early age (may be 4 years) that Suditi (my elder daughter) is fond of dancing. We enrolled her in a dance school and luckily She is really enjoying it. Probably it worked, but sometimes I used to think whether are we pushing her?

Now coming to the second kid (my 6 year old), we as parents are no wiser. As a challenge things have not changed. How do we pick something that my little Simoni would love and really enjoy. What will she take as a hobby or should we let her figure out on own (Pitfall being too young to understand). Right now, She is attending a drawing class more to do with her being in a social forum rather than learning to draw.

Let time tell, as when I was young I did not having a particular hobby other and quite into my double digit age realized that I liked to read books.

So, let her bloom in her own time and pick anything if she at all wants to pick up or enjoy the way she wants.

Catch Suditi’s Latest Dance Act in a Talent Competition.


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