Rote Learning – A misunderstood art!

Ever since a popular bollywood movie criticized “Rote Learning”, it has been a very misunderstood learning method. Dictionary meaning of Rote Learning “mechanical or habitual repetition of something to be learned”.  And the negative connotation attached is that students just mug up the texts and reproduce in exams without understanding the meaning.

Agreed, it is indeed a faulty method, but it is not as bad as it is made to be. If we stop kids from learning the art of Rote Learning they will have trouble in many things in life later.

  • They will not be able to remember the birthday’s of their spouses if they don’t memorize it by repetitive learning. It will lead to irreversible mental stress in their lives πŸ˜€
  • They will forget the bank pin numbers, passwords, social security or as we have in India Aadhar number. Just imagine someone saying ” I have understood my ATM pin number” 😬
  • In professional life, inability to answer any question without  seeing data on a laptop might not come across as a great attribute. 🫣
  • Loose track of all the money which their friends will owe them during promises made in parties πŸ€‘

So, don’t absolutely dissuade them from Rote Learning. They will grow up and blame you (amongst other things that they will) for these misfortunes πŸ˜€.

This post is a Satire !

POST SCRIPT : Suditi’s exams are starting and she is learning the answers to the chapter which has extract of the wonderful novel “Black Beauty”!, Rote Learning will live forever…….


8 thoughts on “Rote Learning – A misunderstood art!

  1. There’s a difference between memorizing and rote learning. When we memorize out pins, phone numbers or birthdays of friends and family, it’s a different mechanism. While memorizing answers to questions in geography, history is purely rote learning.

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