Random Assessment of a party!

It’s been a busy week with birthday celebration of the kids. Since both were having their birthdays on the same day the preparation needed to be double πŸ˜€.

Arranging a birthday party can be a good case study for management students. It all starts with strategizing the right mix of food, people and fun. Since both kids are of different age groups the menu had to be addressing both age group of friends.

Once the strategy was decided it was time to ensure the business case. How many people, what quantity of food and stuff. The Business case would always be negative NPV though.

Then came getting the invitations done which was akin to ensuring the right team, else the event would flop. Placing the order for food, return gifts and cake was equal to ensuring resource availablity at exact point of execution. The specifications were also critical so that eating or quality of return gift is experienced without hiccups.

Once everything was in place, it was important do the risk mitigation plan. What if the pizzas are late, what if we missed inviting a friend of the kid and the biggest fear – will people turn up!!.

So once strategy, planning and risk mitigation done it was time for execution. And that was as usual hectic with music, cake and Kids in different age factors having different ways of enjoying themselves.

Morale of the party was also needed to be kept high with foot tapping music blaring loud, online music subscription was leveraged for a Ad less experience. Kids should get the right environment for fun!.

And, finally after all was over came the turn of gifts,  the main morale booster of the protagonists in the story.

Post Script : The parents then had another couple of hours to clean the place so that the next project can be executed smoothly – Which was regular routine πŸ˜€.

Case study material right!


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